Grace Towel (Wash Towel) Wide 34, Long 40cm 100% cotton

Grace Towel (Wash Towel) Wide 34, Long 40cm 100% cotton

Selling price: 750yen

Suggested retail price: 750yen


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Coloring (Type of Colored Design):Ivory

Made in JAPAN Imabari

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Imabari Ehime is a mecca of towels that has continued production
for over 120 years. There are almost 200 factories that twist yarn, fabricate towels. At this great production site. In addition, the area next to the Seto Inland sea is rich in nature and recently is well know as the town where the Shimanami Kaido bridges cross the strait. Increasing numbers of people are enjoying cycling here.

Each Step is Full of Skill
Various artisanal skills can be seen in the details of each towel production step including yarn handling weaving dye composition and the unique Sakizarashi Sakizome(dyeing strings first)technique. Without artfully completing each step wit care and dedication a towel that fascinates the world cannot be born.

Size: (Wide) 34, (Long)40cm
cotton 100%
ivory color