Special offer2021 HandCream Yuzu50g10 pieces

Japanese YUZU citrus hand cream special offer 2021.
Now we are in a situation where we cannot freely go to the world.
Even that cannot come to Japan.
In the middle of it, we hope that you will feel Japan as much as
YUZU citrus aroma give a true Japanese atmosphere.
A YUZU citrus hand cream 50g is the regular price for this item is 1,500 yen.
But NOW price 7,500 yen BONUS GIFT for 10 hand creams.
With a purchase of a set of 10 hand creams are valued at 7,500 yen
until the end of November 2021 International markets only.
The price was 15,000 yen.
For gift or to share with friends.

Please stay safe

We appreciate your understanding.

Best regards


a set of 10 YUZU citrus hand creams